Publication - Solheide on

4 Apr 2023

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The Solheide project concerns a new residential quarter in Overijse, with 16 low-energy houses that are thoroughly modern, yet referring to the site’s past by their volumes and spatial layout. The ‘greenhouse houses’, with a covered multi-functional glass area in the front of each, translate a long-term vision of living: the design of structure, techniques, stairs, and fa├žades allow adapting them to meet different and evolving needs. Each dwelling enjoys a quality private outdoor space (spacious terrace and/or garden).

The inner area of the project will consist of private and collective paths and gardens, the quiet and child-friendly character of which is preserved by the choice of clustered parking zones. The public neighbourhood park will be equipped with play elements for children. The existing green will ensure optimal rainwater infiltration, as will the bioswales that will be installed between the houses and the park. The cemetery on the site and the heritage walks through it will remain accessible. Not only the residents will be able to enjoy the new neighbourhood, everyone is welcome in this new piece of heritage.

Construction of this promising project will take off soon!

For more info and pictures, head to the project page.